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Annie Leclerc is from Eastbourne on the south-east coast of England, but now lives and teaches in La Rochelle on the west coast of France. An early interest in dance and athletics lead her to discover yoga, a love for which drew her to complete a 500 hour Level 4 Diploma in Teaching (certified by the British Wheel of Yoga) in 2014. She has been teaching and learning more about yoga ever since.

I discovered yoga over 20 years ago and have practised all over the world. I have explored the methods of Iyengar, Ashtanga, Scaravelli and Bihar. I love to practise in the style of vinyasa flow and have taken much benefit from all there is to discover in hot, yin, and restorative yoga. Whatever the method, whatever the style, with something to answer to the desires and needs of each present moment, I have been passionate about yoga from the start.

IMG 0865 resized croppedThe more I have practised the more I have noticed the transformative effect yoga has upon me and upon my life. An ever evolving, ever liberating level of compassion for my body as it is, with all it can and can’t do. A calm and resilience, a opening for life and the desire to live every joyful or challenging moment in a fully conscious manner.

The results have been incredible and I knew quickly that I wanted to share yoga with others. With training from the British Wheel of Yoga I started to teach in 2013.

My teaching is centred on the breath and strongly guided by a search for harmony in the energies and vibrations of body, mind and spirit. I work a lot with dynamic sequences of postures synchronised with the breath. I place an equally strong emphasis upon well-grounded, well-aligned shapes, and stable, fluid transitions. I have been more recently been drawn subtle bodywork method of Feldenkrais and so inspired by this new learning am naturally incorporating elements into my teaching.

My intention is that each of my students is well-guided in their practice and well-supported within their own discovery of balance, strength, joy, and peace.

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« Sthira sukham āsanam », the yoga posture is at once solid, strong, spacious and comfortable: Patanjali, Yoga Sutra II.46

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